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M7 Uong BiVision:

Building a professional organization which provides high quality and stable financial and non-financial services to those challenged by managing the household economy, especially women and ethnic minority groups. Supporting priority for lonely senior citizens, the handicapped and HIV- affected.children.

1. Supporting the poor, low-income households, especially women and ethnic minority groups.
2. Providing credit service, responding to a variety of demands of destination object group.
3. Improving knowledge and skill of all stages for destination object group.
4. Ensuring the stability of finance and organization for permanent and continuing support to destination object group.

Contact information
Nguyen Thi  Ha – Accountant
Address: 5th Floor  – Song Sinh Building –
Quang Trung Street – Uong Bi District –
Quang Ninh Province
Tel: 033.3663.253​Fax: 033.3663.253