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From 4/01/2016 to 8/01/2016, VMFWG organized a trip to operate the social performance assessment tool Cerise SPI for MFIs Thanh Hoa

Cerise evaluation engine is a knowledge exchange network for microfinance common focus with 5 members who are French microfinance organization working in the field of impact and social performance , governance, rural finance and agriculture.

Cerise’s partner microfinance institutions, networks, funders, researchers and investors in Africa, Latin America and Asia

The questionaire is based on 6 typical aspects which is popular for common eveluation process:

– Assess and control social targets

– Board of management, Leader board and employees must committ to the social targets

– Design products and services on distribution channels according to customer’s requirement.

– Responsibility with customers

– Responsibility with employees

– Balance between financial and social targets

Through social performance evaluation with Cerise SPI at ThanhHoa MFI and other MFIs in the future, these organizations will be able to figured out if they have reach out to the correct customers.