Micro Pension Seminar: What can Asian Experience mean for Vietnam & Regulation of Interest rate for Microfinance Institutions in Vietnam

The Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) in partnership with Innovations in Financial Inclusion (INFI), with the support of MCNV and WorldGranny will conduct a seminar on:   MICRO PENSION SEMINAR:  WHAT CAN ASIAN EXPERIENCE MEAN FOR VIETNAM? AND REGULATION OF  →

Center for Women and Community Development (CWCD)

Vision: To be a strong MFI through providing sustainable and effective microfinance services to the poor and poorest women with qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff to improve women’s and their families’ lives and decrease poverty. Mission: Help poor women reach  →

Pro-Poor Center (PPC) Ha Tinh

Vision and Mission By 2020, PPC will become a strong MFI with legal status in the middle of Vietnam, providing qualified, convenient, and consistent financial services to poor and low-income people, especially women, to help them improve their position, lives  →

The Center of Small Enterprises Development Assistance (SEDA)

Vision A society without poverty. Mission With a social objective to improve living standards and business to minimize risks for households and small enterprises by doing research, testing and expanding microfinance, business development support and development of community programs Key  →

Tinh Thuong One Member Limited Liability Microfinance Institution (TYM)

                                  Vision A leading microfinance institution model, rooted in the Vietnam Women’s Union, to provide poor and low-income households with the best microfinance services. Mission Improve the quality of life of poor women by providing credit and savings, creating favorable  →

Capital Aid for Poor & Employment Ba Ria – Vung Tau (CAFPE)

Vision Towards a society without poverty Mission Serve benefits for the poor and the poorest through the provision of microcredit to help them improve their lives, and ensure a secure society. Contact information Nguyen Thi Le Hai – Director Do  →

Microfinance Fund for Community Development – MFCDI (Microfinance and Community Development Institute)

Vision Toward a society without poor and becoming one of the ten leading institutions in the microfinance sector in Vietnam. Mission Improving quality of life and social status of poor households, poor and vulnerable groups in society and their families  →

Dien Bien Phu City Women Development Fund (M7 Dien Bien Phu City)

Vision Provide high quality and sustainable microfinance services to groups with social and economic challenges, especially ethnic minorities in Dien Bien Phu province. Mission Support poor and minority women by training activities to provide high quality services of credit, savings  →

Soc Son Fund for The Poor Women (PNN)

Vision To improve life conditions and ability for poor women and their families through providing suitable financial services and creating opportunities for them to take part in economic activities and enhance their position in society. Mission To become an MFI  →

Ha Tinh Women Development Fund

Contact information Duong Thi Kieu – Accountant Address: No.71 – Phan Dinh Phung – Hà Tĩnh City Tel: 0393.891262​ Email: tcvmpnht@gmail.com  →