Evaluating industry & Report on microfinance in Vietnam (July 2008)

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Workshop: Closing of TA JFPR VIE 9140 ” Formalizing microfinance institutions” & introduction of the new JFPR- Funded policy and advisory TA (PATA)

Code: DEV-VIE 002 Author: State Bank of Vietnam & Asian Development Bank. Type: Copy Status: 1/1 Introduction Hanoi, Vietnam (28 September 2012) – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) co-organized the closing workshop for  →

Forestry for sustainable rural development

Code : DEV-ENG-016 Author : FORD FOUNDATION Amount : 10 Type : Original Status : 1/1 INTRODUCTION             This report is the result of collaboration among a great number of people. In 1992 Peter Geither, then director of the Ford  →

Development or Domestication? Indigenous people of Southeast Asia

Code : DEV-ENG-015 Editors : Don McCaskill / Ken Kampe Amount : 2 Type : Original Status : 1/1  Introduction In this fascinating and important work, readers will the myriad of topics both familiar and neglected which are confronting the  →