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Gaining formal recognition as a Self-Regulatory umbrella body for Microfinance

Establishing an independent and professional Association as foreseen in the National Microfinance Development Plan 2011-2020 with appropriate governance, business strategies, management, staff and operations; and an effective and transparent financial management system aimed at sustainability.

Policy advocacy for better microfinance services and impact

Enhancing the impact of microfinance on poverty reduction by promoting dialogue between members, stakeholders and policymakers to achieve consensus on industry challenges and create an enabling environment for microfinance.

Facilitating access by members to tailored BDS services

Facilitating members’ access to the specific services and support they need to develop into sustainable MFPs, realizing that MFPs at different levels of maturity need different support services.

Providing reliable information for the industry

Effectively serving as a ‘one-stop shop’ for industry information to inform members, stakeholders and the public at large, and generate revenue for the Network.