bia-taThe objective of the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) is transparency and cooperation of all microfinance activities in Vietnam. In an effort to achieve these goals, the VMFWG has collected data from microfinance institutions in Vietnam and has published the Microfinance Data book in cooperation with the MIX organization and with financial support from ADA Luxembourg for the last five years. The 2016 Microfinance Data book is updated using operational data through December 31st 2015 from 31 institutions and microfinance programs in Vietnam.

The 2016 data collection was based on collected samples supplied by the MIX Organization. This has helped Vietnam’s microfinance institutions to review their organization’s reporting system and provide a standardized data report, thus improving their governance system according to international standards and improving their operational efficiency. We calculate the indicators of Outreach, Portfolio Quality, Efficiency and Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability, Financial Management, Funding Structure and Social Performance in order to give readers a brief overview for evaluating each MFI operation.

Drawing from the information demanded by sponsors and investors, and on the results from the data book in connecting the MFIs together with these stakeholders, VMFWG is continuously working on improving the data collection process with the aim of collecting data from every organization and microfinance program currently operating in Vietnam. The objective of this booklet is to provide an overview of the microfinance market, to help the MFIs position their organization on both the domestic and international markets, and provide opportunities for collaboration and connection of resources for sustainable development of the microfinance industry in Vietnam.

In 2016, VMFWG conducted interviews with two prominent MFIs working in Vietnam – M7 Microfinance Institution (M7MFI) and The Center of Small Enterprise Development Assistance (SEDA).  VMFWG conducted a detailed analysis of each MFI in order to evaluate their Financial and Social operations.  The reports also give recommendations and suggestions to improve their operational efficiently.

While collecting data and building the data book, VMFWG encountered many challenges, notably due to a lack of connection and communication, and from differences in management and reporting systems used by the microfinance programs and projects. In the future, we hope to receive support and participation from many microfinance institutions in order to strengthen advocacy and policy environment as well as to encourage information sharing and transparency amongst MFIs in Vietnam.

VMFWG is truly grateful for the contribution and support of organizations and individuals in the process of writing and finishing this book.

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