TATransparency of information plays a crucial role in the operation, capital mobilization and partnerships of micro-finance institutions. Announcing the results of microfinance operations in a timely and professional manner enhances transparency and actively supports the work of legal lobbying, while broadcasting the result of Vietnam microfinance activities worldwide. The objective of the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) is transparency and cooperation of all microfinance activities in Vietnam. In order to do so, the VMFWG has collected information and data and published the fourth Microfinance Data book in cooperation with the MIX organization and with financial support from ADA Luxembourg, MetLife Foundation – Give2Asia organization. The 2015 was updated using operational data up to December 31th 2014 with 32 institutions and microfinance programs in Vietnam.

The 2015 data collection was based on collected samples supplied by the MIX Organization. This helped Vietnam’s microfinance institutions to review the reporting system of their organization and provide a standardized data report, thus improving their governance system according to international standards and improving their operational efficiency. Although the data requested in the 2015 samples is greater than that of the previous year, it is well classified and convenient to summarize, analyze and compare with the performance of organizations, based on international standards.

Drawing from the information demand of sponsors and investors, and on the results from the data book in connecting the MFIs together with these stakeholders, VMFWG is continuously working on improving this activity and aims to collect more data from as many organizations and microfinance programs currently operating in Vietnam. The objective of this booklet is to provide an overview of the microfinance market, to help the MFIs position their organization on both the domestic and international markets, and open opportunities for collaboration and connection of resources for sustainable development of the microfinance industry in Vietnam.

However, while collecting data and building the data book, VMFWG encountered many challenges, notably due to a lack of connection and communication, and from differences in management and reporting systems when collecting data from microfinance programs and projects. In the future, we hope to receive supports and participations from many microfinance institutions in order to strengthen advocacy and policy environment to encourage information sharing and transparency amongst MFIs in Vietnam.

On behalf of the Editorial board and VMFWG, I am truly grateful for the contribution and support of organizations and individuals in the process of writing and finishing this book contacts.

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