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Danh-ba-0012-217x300One of the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group’s (VMFWG’s) key goals is to assist in the sustainable development of the microfinance sector in Vietnam. As part of this, we are working to improve the transparency and visibility of reporting within the sector.

This publication of Microfinance Institutions Information 2012 is the first time that standardized information has been collected on organizations and individuals operating within microfinance in Vietnam. It has been prepared by the staff of the VMFWG with financial support from Cordaid. The development of these profiles also relied on the commitment and cooperation of more than 30 microfinance institutions in Vietnam.

The publication of these profiles is an important achievement of the VMFWG and aligns with our goal to enhance information sharing and create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between microfinance institutions in Vietnam. The document provides an overview of the number of operating MFIs and their location, the size and area of operations, outstanding loans, productivity, quality, sustainability and the vision and mission of microfinance institutions in Vietnam. At the same time, it allows MFIs to compare and assess the operational status of their organization compared to other organizations in Vietnam and Asia.

The Microfinance Institutions Information 2012 are based on data which MFIs have and provided to VMFWG. The information also highlights the strengths and achievements of the microfinance institutions in poverty reduction goals, this has important implications in environmental advocacy policy, and encourage transparency information of MFIs. However, the new Microfinance Industry profiles 2012 made from the resources of more than 30 MFIs in of hundreds Program/ microfinance projects operating in Vietnam, this is also the limit of Microfinance Institutions Information 2012 that we would want to be able to fix for the next Microfinance Institutions Information.

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