Code : CLC-ENG-005
Author : Climate Change Working Group,
Disaster Management Working Group, Joint Advocacy Network Initiative
Amount : 1
Type : original
Status : 1/1


Members of the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) and Disaster Management Working Group (DMWG) in Vietnam have recurrently expressed the need to develop a common guideline on how to mainstream Disaster Risk Redution and Climate Change Adaptation into sustainable development programmes.

In response the CCWG ‘adaptation’ thematic group and key resource persons form the DMWG developed this ‘Guideline on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DDR.CCA) into Development Programmes’. As this guideline is the first of its kind in this sector for Vietnam, it has been developed with a focus on fostering the mainstreaming process. The guidline is intended for use as reference for maistreaming CCA.DRR during the proposal development and implementation phases.

The doccumentation of standard procedures and experiences of practitioners in the field is an important source of reference in the context of the Community Based Disater Risk Management (CBDRM) program launched by government on 13/7/2009. The target audience of this guideline is primarily the INGOs and VNGOs of the Climate Change and Disaster Management Working Group as it is likely to be used as a reference or support for their activities with other stakeholders from government agencies.

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