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According to the proposal of the Vietnam Women’s Union about Credit Assistance Fund’s indirect lending and the opinion of the State Bank, Deputy Prime Mr. Vu Van Ninh has the following opinions:

Agree that the Credit Assistance Fund of the Vietnam Women’s Union is allowed to pilot the social lending funds to support poor women till the end of 2014

Require The State Bank of Vietnam has to report to Government on issuing the guideline of Paragraph 6, Article 161 of the Law on credit institutions before 1st May 2014

Simultaneously, The State Bank of Vietnam cooperate with other related agencies and organizations to perform preliminary evaluation the result of 2 years of the Decision Scheme 2195/QD-TTg ‘s implementation on constructing and developing   financial microfinance system in Vietnam until 2020 , suggest solutions to ensure timely implementation of stage 1 and report to government before 1st  July 2014