Research Report on “Microfinance Products and Services: Current State and Development Solution”

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) worldwide and in Vietnam are strong in providing products and services suitable to poor and low-income customers as their vision, strategy and business model from inception focus on this market segment. However, along with the robust development  →

Measuring Systemic Risk Contribution of International Mutual Funds

Source: Asian Development Bank (ADB) Authors: Aizenman, Joshua, Jinjarak, Yothin, Zheng & Huanhuan Published on: September, 15th 2016 This research analysis more than 10.000 mutual funds to measure systemic risk contribution of these mutual funds. The data of 10,570 mutual funds from  →

Study Report on “Microfinance in Vietnam: The real situation and policy recommendations”

Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) has published the Study Report on “Microfinance in Vietnam: “The real situation and pocily recommendations”. This Report creates an overall picture which reflects the real situation of operating environment, policy and regulatory framework for microfinance  →

The study of MFIs Serving Very Small to Small Enterprises in LAC published by IFC

EXPERIENCES OF MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS SERVING VERY SMALL TO SMALL ENTERPRISES IN LATIN AMERICA Increasing access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) has become an important goal for many governments and development agencies as SMEs are seen as drivers  →

The sustainability of Microfinance institutions in Vietnam: Circumstances and implications

After 25 years of opening and integrating, the economy of Vietnam has had just significant achievements, has sustained a stable increase yearly, the individual income has been gradually improved, the percentage of population living below the national poverty line has  →

Climate change impacts on Microfinance – Case study: The Mekong delta in Vietnam

It is widely agreed by the scientific community that climate change is already a reality worldwide. The multifaceted impacts of climate change are affecting the livelihoods of microfinance institutions’ (MFI) clients and undermining the sustainability of MFIs. According to the  →

Microfinance versus poverty reduction in Vietnam – Diagnostic test and comparison

Over the past twenty five years of renewal,  under the correct and innovative direction of the Party and the Government, Vietnam has made impressive achievements in economic development and poverty reduction.  Among these important achievements are encouraging contributions of microfinance  →

Rural and Microfinance in the Lower Mekong Region: Policies, Institutions, and Market Outcomes

Description This study examines progress in rural and microfinance in Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, and Viet Nam over the past decade, in comparison with industry standards set by international best practices. The study focuses on the policy environment,  →

Research Project “Developing Rural Microfinance in Vietnam”

The research project “Microfinance development in agricultural and rural areas in Vietnam” concentrates on analyzing and evaluating the development of microfinance in rural and agricultural areas of Vietnam as follows: Analyzing the performance of Vietnam’s microfinance operations in rural and  →