Climbing the ladder : poverty reduction and shared prosperity in Vietnam

Vietnam has achieved remarkable success in reducing poverty while controlling inequality. The country’s broad-based growth reflects the government’s focus on developing labor-intensive export sectors while investing heavily in human capital that saw the country exceed its peers. However, gains have  →

Microfinance in Vietnam: Lessons learnt from transformation

In the desire to provide information, analysis, evaluation and experience from transformation process of MFIs in Vietnam ( TYM, M7-MFI and Thanh Hoa MFI), this Research has been conducted with the support of Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) in data collection, synthesis  →

2015 VMFWG Annual Conference Report

Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) was established as a forum for practitioners of microfinance to share information, exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas to overcome the difficult problem of the microfinance industry in Vietnam. Established in 2004 as an non-official organization  →

Training report on “Legal regulations on borrowings and paying foreign loans and credit activities of microfinance institutions”

  On December 6th 2015, in Hanoi, Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) held a training course on “Legal regulations on borrowing and paying foreign loans and crefit activities of Microfinance Institution” with the 23 participants from 15 Microfinance programs and  →

Workshop Report on “Funding Microfinance: Leveraging International Practices for Vietnam”

  In order to create the opportunity to communicate and exchange information between microfinance organizations and investors or other stakeholders to develop microfinance funds in Vietnam, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group co-organized a workshop  →

Workshop report on “Building Regulatory Framework and Resources towards a Sustainable Microfinance Sector in Vietnam”

  On December 4th 2015, State Bank of Vietnam, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Vietnam Microfinance Working Group co-organized a workshop called “Building regulatory framework and resources towards a sustainable microfinance sector in Vietnam” in Pullman hotel, Hanoi. The  →

Study Report on “Microfinance in Vietnam: The real situation and policy recommendations”

Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) has published the Study Report on “Microfinance in Vietnam: “The real situation and pocily recommendations”. This Report creates an overall picture which reflects the real situation of operating environment, policy and regulatory framework for microfinance  →

2014 VMFWG Annual Report

Ten years of considerable effort and commitment to support microfinance system for sustainable development, significantly contribute the process of building and developing a legal framework for microfinance activities in Vietnam and promote the creation of hunger alleviation, poverty reduction and  →

Training need assessment survey 2015


2013 VMFWG Annual Report

With the commitment of member activities and donor support in 2013 VMFWG has made significant achievements in four areas: Firstly, improve the enabling policy environment for the development of microfinance through successful advocacy of policies prescribing interest rate ceiling for  →