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Code: CLC-ENG-011                                                                     
Author: Financial Integration, Economic Leveraging
and Board-Based Dissemination (FIELD)
Quantity: 1
Type: Original
Status: 1/1


This is one of a series of brieding papers to help USAID missions and their implementing patners in sub-Saharan Africa use information and communications technologies (ICT) more successfully to improve the impact of their agriculture projects, including Feed the Future (FTF) initatives. The focus of this paper is specifically on weather information. While farmers need multiple types of information to help them improve agricultural output and access market, weather is one of the most highly requested services

Accurate weather forecasts not only help farmers protect themselves against natural factors but they can also benefit significantly as long as they are aware of the actions they can take to leverage good weather patterns. Weather information is also an input for developing risk mitigation tools such as index insurance products for farmer.