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Bà Quách Tường Vy giải đáp câu hỏi của Đại biểuAnnual Conference and General Meeting of the Preparatory Working Group of microfinance took place on 26 and 27 February 2009 at the Hotel General Federation of Labour, Vietnam has attracted attention, the attention of Microfinance institutions around the country. Success at Annual Conference and General Assembly of this preparatory helped microfinance institutions advanced another step up to the General Assembly established the Association of Microfinance institutions in Vietnam.   In two days 26 and 27 February 2009, at the General Confederation of Labour, Vietnam workshop was held to convert the microfinance institutions, financial education, conference and congress in 2008 Preparatory established the Microfinance Association of Vietnam.

Workshop convert Microfinance institutions place on 02.26.2009 in the morning is hot topic has attracted the attention of many organizations. Many concerns, questions of the delegates was Mr. Truong Ngoc Anh – Deputy Director of the Bank and credit institutions and non-bank women Vy Quach Wall – Deputy Head, direct answer. Along with the successful experiences of organizations like the TYM, CEP, Thanh Hoa Microfinance … partly meet the information needs of the delegates attending.DSC06229

In the afternoon, at the seminar to share experiences on education finance in Vietnam, reports the testing results of education finance company, Binh Minh in the form of a comedy is very impressive. Just transfer the contents of the report, has brought to the hall the laughter leisure.

Entering the second working day, the air hard work and frankly the 2008 Annual Meeting of Working Group Microfinance Vietnam and the General Assembly established the Preparatory Microfinance Association of Vietnam has more results than expected. Conference Report passed the 2008 work plan 2009 was also elected by the Standing Committee, Advisory Board term from 2009 to 2010.

In the General Assembly established the Preparatory Association took place in the afternoon the same day voted through long-term strategic plan of the Association, the important legal documents such as the Association’s draft charter, the regulations Executive, the standing and financial regulations. Congress also adopted the reports of the planned movement of personnel Committee, the Standing and organizational structure of the Association.

Below is a list of organizations elected to the board of the Working Group Microfinance tenure from 2009 to 2010.

+ Standing List (See here)

+ List of advisory committee (see here)

The success of the General Assembly established the Preparatory Microfinance Association of Vietnam is a long step towards the establishment of the General Assembly Microfinance Association Vietnam.