Untitled 1Transparency plays an important role in management control, fund raising, and relationship management of microfinance institutions. Statement of reliable microfinance performance timely may improve transparency and visibility of MFIs in Vietnam, then promoting microfinance sector in Vietnam simultaneously. In order to enhance transparency, cooperation and development microfinance activities in Vietnam, Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) continued collecting data and information to publish the third edition of Microfinance institutions in Vietnam with the cooperation of the MIX Organization and financial support from ADA Organization, MetLife Foundation and Give2Asia Organization. The Microfinance Prolife published in 2014 provides updated date of 31 Vietnamese microfinance institutions as of 31 December 2013.

  VMFWG’s data collection form 2014, which is based on The MIX’s form, supports Vietnamese MFIs to review their governance reporting systems to provide data following the form. As a result, they can improve their management control systems to achieve international standards and improve their operational performance. Although MFIs are required to provide much more information than previous years, data collection form 2014 is designed with more precise and proper categorization, which makes summarization and analysis more efficient.

 With positive feedback from our partner agencies and donors, VMFWG continues maintaining this activity to collect more comprehensive data from Vietnamese MFIs in order to give the whole picture of the microfinance sector in Vietnam. Simultaneously, MFIs can find out where they are in domestic and international market, so as to create more opportunities to cooperate and connect to develop the microfinance sector in Vietnam.

 However, there are a lot of difficulties in data collection and this compilation since operations of MFIs are still incoherent with scattered branch’s allocation, which have adverse impacts on providing data. In the up-coming periods, we are expecting to receive more support and positive participation from MFIs with the purpose of boosting policy advocacy and encouraging information transparency of MFIs in Vietnam.

VMFWG would like to introduce this useful publication to our members and donors as well as all readers. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to organizations and individuals for their contribution and support in compiling and completing this microfinance profile. We welcome your comments and ideas for improvement for the future publication.

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